Voiceover Project FAQs

What types of projects need voice actors?

Projects include, but are not limited to, TV and radio commercials, in-house corporate videos, explainer videos, promos, radio imaging, political ads, online/digital/streaming spots, and video games. We’ve even found voices for toys, voice matching and celebrity impressions, looping and ADR, phone IVR systems, and television or documentary narration.

How much does it cost to hire celebrity voice talent?

Well, that depends on the celebrity. It’s kinda like the old adage - if you have to ask you probably can’t afford them. That said, RSH Voice Management represents several professional voice actors who can sound like certain celebrities. We often get requests for voice prototypes of recognizable celebrities: John Krazinski, Barry White, Scarlett Johanssen, Viola Davis, Amy Poehler, Kristen Schaal, Mahershala Ali, Rashida Jones, Don Pardo, Mike Rowe, Allison Janney, Ving Rhames, and so many more are just some of the examples of celebrity prototypes clients might ask for.

Why hire a voice actor for marketing projects?

Marketing is the life blood of any business. Any marketing effort put forth should look and sound flawlessly professional. A good VO talent can elevate any piece of marketing copy to really bring your project to life. Do not skimp on the details! Good voice and good audio are crucial components to the whole brand package.

Are voiceover actors for projects worth the cost?

This is our entire business model, with tens of thousands of happy clients over decades in business, so we think VoiceOver actors are definitely worth the cost! Having an experienced VO talent will save you valuable time and resources, money, and ultimately make the end product look and sound fantastic.

Should I hire a voice over actor for explainer videos?

Yes. Explainer videos are a big part of our what our VO talent do. Many explainer videos can be complicated, or full of technical jargon or even… a little dry (no offense to explainer video writers). A good VO artist can bring life and personality to explainer videos while still getting the message across.