The main benefit of going through a voice talent agency is that it saves time. RSH Voice Management has sourcing VO talent dialed in – we do this everyday and we do it well! We have a roster of established and experienced talent and we can easily and quickly run a customized audition based on your particular specs.

If you were to seek talent out unassisted, you’d certainly face a few challenges- namely: knowing where to look to find talent, where the talent is located and their home studio capabilities, you’d most likely want to vet them to make sure they’re a working pro with lots of experience. No one wants to google voice talent all day and blindly sift through demo reels to hear samples hoping to find what you’re looking for. We do all of that for you. Plus, all of our talent are vetted by our rigorous standards and are all working pros. There’s virtually no chance that a talent would flake out or suddenly become unavailable for the session if booked and leave you hanging.

Most all of our talent have broadcast quality home studios with either Source Connect, IPDTL or phone patch capabilities so that’s also one less step you’ll have to worry about.

We can turn most auditions around within 24 hours – and the best part about all of this is that there’s never any charge to run an audition. Fees are only incurred when you want to move forward and officially book one (or more) of our talent on the job.