Searching for voice talent can be a daunting process. First, where do you go to begin your search? You can certainly try the tried and true Google route and that’d be a pretty good start – you’d likely find tons of various sites like Fiver or pay to play voice over sites. The good thing about them is that there are tons of talent on these sites. The downside to having lots of talent on these sites often means that most of such sites are glutted with talent – many of which may not be the most experienced or professional which could lead to problems for your recording session. Another issue with these sites is most talent haven’t been vetted so you may not know exactly what you’ll be getting.  Talent literally paid to be featured on the site and that’s the only qualification. That said, there are many good talent on these sites, it just may take a little digging to find them.

RSH has a roster of talented VO artists from all over the country and in order to work with us we’ve put them through a strict vetting process and only the top talent earn a spot on our roster. Since we know our talent so well, and we have nearly every style of voice quality and age range, we can save you hours of time from having to cull through pay to play sites or google and can deliver you exactly what you’re looking for based on your specs and timeline. Our website lists many of our working talent broken down into categories such as male, female, commercial, industrial and character. All of our talent have their professional demos on there in one of those specific categories and are easy to locate and listen to.

We also have talent not on the website that we’re still trying out so if you don’t hear what you’re looking for on the site, just let us know and most likely we can find it for you.

The best way for us to deliver exactly what you’re looking for is to run an audition. All we’d need is some sample copy (doesn’t need to be the final script) some basic direction as to what voice qualities you’d like to hear (such as: conversational, upbeat, fun, relatable, confident, etc), and we can turn that around very quickly and easily – all at no upfront cost.

To sum up, the main benefit in working with an agency to source talent is that we save you lots of time sorting through various pay to play sites, googling VO talent, and having to vet talent to make sure that you’re hiring a professional.