When you want to hire a voice actor through RSH Voice Management, here are the steps to take:

  1. Send us your script, directions, specs (what type of voice you’re looking for), the use (is it for TV or radio—that makes a difference in how the voice talent performs it), and any relevant info, for example, if it’s an animated character, can you send a drawing of the character? If it’s a commercial, do you have a rough cut of the spot with music and a scratch track for timing? Not every producer has these things ready to go, but any relevant information that helps the voice talent bring your script to life for the audition, please send that our way.
  2. We will get busy sending out your audition to the relevant voice talent, plus we will always throw in some wild cards or make a few suggestions of voices that might bring some diversity of choices to bring your project to life.
  3. We will also discuss your budget, quote out rates that work for your client and for the voice talent, and answer any questions you may have on use, market runs, etc. We will always ask about digital and streaming use since the future is here, and everyone is doing pre-roll and digital marketing, organic and non-organic, paid and unpaid media buys.
  4. We will return audition selects to you at the time you need them (usually a window of 24-48 hours is best), and then you and your client gets to decide who you want to hire.
  5. Let us know you are your client’s top 2-3 choices, or just hire the person you are ready to get in front of the mic. Inform us of your record date and time, and let us know how you’d like to connect with the voice talent. All of our talent have professional, broadcast quality home studios and can record on their end and send you a file when the session is over, or you can connect via Source Connect, ISDN, or ipDTL and capture the session on your studio’s side of things.
  6. Make sure the script is finalized before the session. Sometimes the director and writer will make edits on the fly, which is to be expected. If there’s ever a need for a future session due to a script revision or change, there will be a pick-up fee charged. No one likes surprises, so we always make sure to make our clients aware of this.
  7. Voice talent are not editors, so they will hand off what’s called raw voice files to your team so you can edit and place them where you need them.
  8. When the session is wrapped, you will send a PO or any relevant billing info, and we will invoice your company or your client and pay the voice talent when you pay RSH. Payment is requested within 30 days or less. We love to offer the fastest service to our clients, so we expect our clients to pay as quickly as possible in return!