If you’ve spent any time on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or even Duck Duck Go searching for voice talent for a project, no doubt you’ve run into what’s called the “pay-to-play” sites (we at RSH affectionately refer to them as VO Bay). These VO Bay sites charge the talent to have a profile listed on their site where their demo and voice description lives. Then the sites charge the client to look for or hire voices, operating dually as a virtual casting director and virtual agency.

While there are some legit voice talents buried like needles in a haystack, these VO Bay sites are flooded with wannabe and amateur talent who are either brand new to the business, haven’t had the proper training, don’t have high quality studios, and won’t be able to quickly and efficiently do the job needed for your client. We’ve had hundreds of producers over the years find us much to their relief after years of struggling with the pay-to-play sites.

Here at RSH, we only represent professional voice talent who come to us by first being actors, radio personalities, character actors, comedians, singers, and speakers. These backgrounds, along with their training and experience in the voice over business make our roster of talent nimble and able to bring all sorts of projects to life. We screen talent very carefully to know that when you are in a session with them, you are in the very best of hands.

RSH has also come up with a very fair non-union rate sheet. We believe good voice talent should be paid accordingly, and our clients know that the value they get when hiring anyone from the RSH roster will save them hours of time and possibly lots of dollars over the money and time spent on the pay-to-play sites. We work on hundreds of projects over the past 20 years, so we are able to see trends in the industry and bring voices that a computer with an algorithm can’t quite access yet.