At RSH, we have done the hard work of curating professional voice talent with amazing, broadcast quality home studios so that you don’t have to cull through thousands of amateurs and wannabes on the pay-to-play “VO Bay” sites. You are welcome to listen to demos of our talent on our website under the different categories of Commercial, Narration, and Character, or if you have a specific request, reach out to us directly via email.

Most clients will email us with their audition request, which includes the script, the timeline of when they need auditions back by, when they plan on recording, what the budget is for the project (or they will ask us to quote out what it will cost to record voice talent), and any relevant voice quality specifications (known as “specs”). Specs can be as broad as: “Male, 25-60 sounding” or as specific as “client wants a Viola Davis sound, but British.” We’ve had both, and we can help with all of it!

We always endeavor to respond to every client request within 15 minutes or less on weekdays. We even work during the weekends to make sure our clients are getting what they need to move their creative projects forward.

We also have clients we have worked with for so long, we have a shorthand with them. They know the talent they want included on auditions and will make specific requests and then ask us to add in more voices. Some clients like to hear 25-30 voices per role, and other clients prefer for us to narrow down the choices to our top 3-5 choices per role.

We know our talent very well and what their strengths are, so we will always advocate for a shortlist of people who will serve your project well. After being in business for over 20 years, we’ve seen every type of script imaginable for every kind of voice or application you could think of, so don’t be afraid to ask us questions or reach out about your next project.