What to Consider Before You Hire a Voice Actor

When you are thinking about hiring a voice actor, the first thing to consider is what kind of project you are working on. Is it an ad for TV or radio, an explainer narration or corporate industrial, a promo for

Best Way to Find Voice Talent

At RSH, we have done the hard work of curating professional voice talent with amazing, broadcast quality home studios so that you don’t have to cull through thousands of amateurs and wannabes on the pay-to-play “VO Bay” sites. You are

Fast Tips When Hiring Voice Actors

When you want to hire a voice actor through RSH Voice Management, here are the steps to take: Send us your script, directions, specs (what type of voice you’re looking for), the use (is it for TV or radio—that makes

How Voice Talent Agencies Lead to Successful Proje...

If you’ve spent any time on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or even Duck Duck Go searching for voice talent for a project, no doubt you’ve run into what’s called the “pay-to-play” sites (we at RSH affectionately refer to them as VO

How to Search for Voice Actor Talent

Searching for voice talent can be a daunting process. First, where do you go to begin your search? You can certainly try the tried and true Google route and that’d be a pretty good start - you’d likely find tons

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Voice Talent Agen...

There are a few things to keep in mind when sourcing talent through a voice talent agency or voice actor agency. We've added some key questions you'll want to ask below and also provided our answer so that you're in

Benefits of a Voice Talent Agency vs. Doing it Alo...

The main benefit of going through a voice talent agency is that it saves time. RSH Voice Management has sourcing VO talent dialed in - we do this everyday and we do it well! We have a roster of established